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At Concord Engraving we make various types of letterpress plates, from dry offset polymer to mounted magensium line cuts. We work with new and established letterpress customers to help their designs come to life in print!  

Letterpress Polymer Plates

We use our Kodak Trendsetter digital imager to produce chemical free letterpress negatives. Using digital negatives allows us to ensure the finest of lines will hold, producing the highest quality of polymer plates. 

We offer the following polymers in house:

Standard / Regular Relief

  • Toyobo KF 95
  • Jet CHFB (clear hard film back)
  • Jet 94 FL
  • Digital Jet CTP (computer to plate)


Deep Relief

  • Toyobo KF 152


Digital Letterpress Polymer

We are proud to say we now make digital letterpress plates. Jet 94 CTP plates only come in Standard relief.

Analog plates are made with a film negative. You burn an negative with your art image. Then you use that negative to expose your image onto photopolymer. When making CTP plates, a carbon mask exposes your image DIRECTLY onto the photopolymer. Film is no longer needed. This makes CTP plate is the most environmentally friendly letterpress photopolymer available. CTP plates are exposed at a higher resolution, giving you a nice, crisp printing plate. 

Same day turn around is offered on all press ready files recieved by 10:00am EST.

All Letterpress Photopolymers cost $0.50 a square inch, with a $10.00 minimum order. 

Make sure to gang your designs closely to avoid paying for unexposed polymer between your art. Crop marks are not neccessary, but if you need them, feel free to include them! 

We offer SAME DAY turnaround for FREE on press ready files received by 10:00 am EST*. When submitting files, please email film@concordengraving.com . When placing your order, make sure to include your preferred relief. 

We can ship anyway you prefer. We have accounts with Fed Ex, UPS and USPS. We have found that USPS 2 day delivery offers the best pricing and timing for polymer plates. We can slide them in a flat rate envelope and off they go!

Mounted Line Cuts

All mounted line cuts are made out of 16g magensium and are mounted on cherry wood type high, 0.918". If you are interested in purchasing mounted line cuts, email us for a price list. 

File Requirements:

All files need to be output ready to honor same day turn around. Files need to be vector based AI or PDF files (preferred). Jpegs do not make good printing plates. Fonts need to be embedded into your file. If you want crop marks, add them inside your art board. Files should be attached at the size you want them outputted. Do not make your files into a negative. We do this when we send your files through the rip. Files should be 100% Black (K). When we see multiple colors in a file, it is standard process to color separate those files. Make sure you send your file in exactly as you want to see it print.

Dots and Line Sizes: 

Standard Relief plates: Line size 0.004" thick or 0.25 point / Dot size 1.25" diameter

Deep Relief Plates: Line size 0.007" thick or 0.35 point / Dot size 1.25" diameter


We will work diligently to meet your press schedule.  To submit your files just email film@concordengraving.com. We are currently not using our file submissions page due to Ecomm updates happening on our website.

We can ship anyway you prefer. We have accounts with Fed Ex, UPS and USPS. We have found that USPS 2 day delivery offers the best pricing and turnaround. Most mounted line cuts can fit in a flat rate box. If you prefer another method of shipping, no problem, just call us to discuss your options. 

Setting Up Your Account and Billing:

After you place your intial order, you will be contacted by Shelley to set up your account. We prefer to keep your credit card information securely on file and bill the week your plate ships. When billing, we use your art dimensions rounded to the nearest 0.25".  After your credit card is charged, you will recieve an electronic copy of your bill. We do offer other account terms and paper billing, just reach out to Shelley. At this time, we do not accept PayPal as a payment. 

*Files must be press ready to make same day turn around. Files that require art will ship the next day.


JET USA  Toyobo

  • Family Owned, Est. in1933
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Over 200 years of combined service
  • High Quality Products

We understand the importance of protecting the environment. Concord Engraving recycles all solvents and chemicals on site and offers water washed photopolymer plates.


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